Chemong Lake viewed from PIne Hill Rd.

Winning at Road Surface Roulette!

Late summer 2016 paving news...

You never know what you’ll get when road crews venture out to do some “improvements” in the region. Usually things end up worse, sometimes better, but truly, it seems to be a random crap shoot. Which county or township is responsible for any given section of that road? What’s the current management fad for road maintenance? What crew have they sent out to do the work? Some obviously give less than a fuck about the quality of their work, while others give not even the tiniest amount of fuck.

Hence my name for the process “Road Surface Roulette”.

I can report that Division Rd. is now fully paved between PTBO and Norwood, that annoying section of dirt east of Hwy. 38 having been chipsealed at some point this season. That’s mighty good news for anyone riding the northern route out of town.

Highlighting just how truly random the whole business is:
The surface from Cameron Line to 38 is perhaps the finest, smoothest chipseal I’ve ever seen, it’s better than most paved surfaces! On the other hand, the surface east from 38 is almost the worst chipseal surface I’ve encountered, even worse that the section east from Hwy. 28 that needed extensive cold patching less than a year after it was done.

Anyway, enjoy the freedom to ride to Norwood without being dusted, there’s a new ice cream joint on the main drag.