Chemong Lake viewed from PIne Hill Rd.

Riding (some of) the Western Leg

A lift down to Bowmanville today provided me with the chance not only to be able to pick up a new bottling spigot at The Brewer’s Pantry in time to bottle the Saison that’s been percolating away through this heat wave, but also to ride back along the western section of the route to check current conditions...

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Up the Middle

New route directly from Coburg to PTBO scouted, ridden and added.

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Scouting Continues...

Achievement Unlocked, Roads Scouted.

On the first of June, in a circumferential manner, the Lake wherein one might once, in days of yore, have found Rice, was navigated.

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May 20, 2015 Update

More Gravel Gremlins

The previously mentioned gremlins have torn up the pavement on Division between Hwy 28 and Duro 5th Line (about a kilometer) and replaced it with gravel. Apparently it will be allowed to “settle” and then be chip-sealed at some future date when the stars align.

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