Grist Mill Rd.

Version Date: March 2021

Port Hope to Peterborough

The easiest route. 53 km of lovely riding.

For those who want to get up to PTBO with the minimum of time spent away from the Lake, here’s a direct route up from Port Hope that takes in some of the beautiful riding available in the eastern section of Northumberland County. The most southerly section of the route is also part of the Waterfront Trail’s new GreenBelt Route.

This ride is suprisingly not-all-that-hilly for a route that crosses the Oak Ridges Moraine. There’s elevation gain to be sure and you’ll feel it, but for the most part the grades are gentle and protracted rather than steep and short. Once you’ve made it up to Wallace Point Road, just east of Millbrook, it’s a mostly flat cruise into town.

“Are there any gravel sections?” you ask:
  • One short section of dirt on McCamus 1/4 Line. For some reason, the gravel on McCamus refuses to pack down. Even when all the other dirt roads in the area have become smooth hard-pack, it remains strewn with large gravel and deep dust. Gird your loins, it will be annoying. 
  • The Airport Rd. reconnection is still gravel, about 2 km worth.

DRiven in its entirety: March 29 2021.

The route is in excellent shape this year, probably the best shape I’ve ever seen it in. Roadwork, notably on Gilmore, Sylvan Glen and the south end of Hutchinson are done and these roads are now smooth asphalt or decent chipseal. Even the dirt on McCamus is smooth right now, although that could change at any time at the whims of the township.