Lockside Trading at Young’s Point. A favorite mid-ride stop.

Longer rides

Rides for the cycling enthusiast who really wants to sample everything that the region has available in the way of day routes. A compilation of some favourite rides we’ve done many times.

These are beyond the scope of the City Routes which are meant for the casual/novice rider in length and difficulty and are here mainly because it was a place for them to live before the Peterboroutes Map was even conceived of, let alone published.

Mixed Surface Rides

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  • Asphodel-Norwood Loop : 80 km
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    Ride to Norwood. Ride home. Detour for meat?

    Ride quiet paved roads east to Norwood, a village working hard to be the next Warkworth, take gravel back. Many drumlins, zero butter tarts, 25% chance of F150s.

  • Going to See the Wind Gennys : 84 km
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    84km of lovely hills, gravel and country roads

    85 km of mostly quiet country roads, mixed surface riding with a generous amount of climbing as well. Not the most gnarly or climbiest route possible by any means, just a great afternoon out.

Road Rides

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  • Bethany - Solanum Way Hill Training : 72 km
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    A paved loop with some serious evelvation gains, but with views to make it all worth the effort.

    A great paved loop with plenty, perhaps even an excess, of climbing. Gets you out into the Bethany Hills on your road bike. The Bethany area has a ton of great gravel, but it’s also a sweet area for strictly asphalt riding too.

  • Omemee - Hayes Line Loop : 53 km
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    A quick, intense hill training ride. Drumlins out and back. Views & Neil Young Trivia.

    Another crazy hilly training ride for when time is limited. Also acts as a spine to many other great longer rides.

  • Riding Around Rice Lake : 118-140 km
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    You'd be surprised at the number of ways there are to ride around Rice Lake. All of them are worth doing.

    A local rite of passage, this ride can be tailored to provide all kinds of cycling experiences.