Lockside Trading at Young’s Point. A favorite mid-ride stop.

Longer rides

Rides for the cycling enthusiast who really wants to sample everything that the region has available in the way of day routes. A compilation of some favourite rides we’ve done many times.

These are beyond the scope of the City Routes which are meant for the casual/novice rider in length and difficulty and are here mainly because it was a place for them to live before the Peterboroutes Map was even conceived of, let alone published.

Mixed Surface Rides

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  • Asphodel-Norwood Loop : 80 km
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    Ride to Norwood. Ride home. Detour for meat?

    Ride quiet paved roads east to Norwood, a village working hard to be the next Warkworth, take gravel back. Many drumlins, zero butter tarts, 25% chance of F150s.

  • Chandos Lake Loop : 50 km
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    Apsley to Apsley around Chandos Lake

    Out of Apsley ON, a lovely little loop ridden for fall colour. Quiet roads and a great beach.

  • Going to See the Wind Gennys : 84 km
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    84km of lovely hills, gravel and country roads

    85 km of mostly quiet country roads, mixed surface riding with a generous amount of climbing as well. Not the most gnarly or climbiest route possible by any means, just a great afternoon out.

Road Rides

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  • Bethany - Solanum Way Hill Training : 72 km
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    A paved loop with some serious evelvation gains, but with views to make it all worth the effort.

    A great paved loop with plenty, perhaps even an excess, of climbing. Gets you out into the Bethany Hills on your road bike. The Bethany area has a ton of great gravel, but it’s also a sweet area for strictly asphalt riding too.

  • Omemee - Hayes Line Loop : 53 km
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    A quick, intense hill training ride. Drumlins out and back. Views & Neil Young Trivia.

    Another crazy hilly training ride for when time is limited. Also acts as a spine to many other great longer rides.

  • Riding Around Rice Lake : 118-140 km
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    You'd be surprised at the number of ways there are to ride around Rice Lake. All of them are worth doing.

    A local rite of passage, this ride can be tailored to provide all kinds of cycling experiences.

  • Stoney Lake Circle : 109+ km
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    With new full shoulders on Hwy. 28, this great cottage country route is accessible to everyone.

    A great ride destined to become an area classic. Be careful though, there are so many lakeside patios and cafes to stop at on this route that it might take all day and result in significant weight gain.