Looking south at the Oak Ridges Moraine from Hutchison and Zion Lines.

The Tour du Tarts : 23 km

Bakery to bakery, Millbrook to Baileboro and back.


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Route Highlights

0.0 km

It’s a long steep uphill heading east out of Millbrook, gear down and take your time. (Fun Fact: Any direction out of Millbrook is a long steep uphill).

0.8 km

Congratulations! Major hill conquered.

11.6 km

DooDoos Bakery is at the corner of 28 and 2. Arguably the best butter tarts in The Kawarthas and Northumberland.

22.2 km

Here’s that hill again… only this time it’s heading down.

23 km

Tıme for an espresso (or maybe just a good old cup ‘o joe) and another tart at the Pastry Peddler? After all, how else are you going to judge which tart is best? (Hint: It’s DooDoos. No contest.)