Muddy's Pit BBQ in Keene

Keene about BBQ : 41.5 km

Out to Keene via Crowley/Baseline back on the Trans Canada Trail


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Route Highlights

0.0 km

Silver Bean and Millenium Park

.25 km

Trans Canada Trail Bridge

1.3 km

Rogers Cove Park. Beach and splashpad

1.5 km

Trent Canal Lock #20: Ashburnham

2.2 km

BeaverMead Park. Sand beach, restrooms, food.

2.4 km

Ecology Park

13.8 km

Baseline Rd. becomes hardpacked dirt over to Heritage Line

17.5 km

NEW in 2018! Big beautiful shoulders on Heritage Line all the way in and out of Keene.

20.2 km

Keene. Store, café, Muddy's BBQ

22.9 km

Access to Hastings Trail section of Trans-Canada

31.9 km

Get off Trail at Keene Rd.

34.0 km

Country Style Donuts at Hwy. 7 and Kene Rd. if a pit-stop is needed