The Otonabee just south of Lakefield

Otonabee River Cruise : 34 km

A Classic. PTBO to Lakefield and back


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This route, as mapped, goes out along the Rotary Greenway Trail and returns along the road alongside the river. You can, of course, ride the road or trail in either direction. There are 5 locks in the Trent Canal System along this route, this might be the highest lock density along the entire canal

0.0 km

Silver Bean and Millenium Park

7 km

Make sure to travel north through the intersection of Armour Rd. and Nassau Mills Rd. In order to access the pedestrian bridge over the Trent Canal.

16.5 km

Lakefield. Your only decision now, is where to have a snack. Everything from formal dining to ice cream and streat meat.