Browns Line Looking East

A Taste Of Drumlins : 35 km

A short ride out past Fleming College to the southwest to the start of the western drumlin field.


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Route Highlights

0.0 km

Silver Bean and Millenium Park

0.9 km

Del Crary Park. Peterborough's premier outdoor concert venue and a great spot for a picnic.

1.0 km

Peterborough Art Gallery

4.4 km

Keep your eyes peeled for waterfowl crossing the road from the Otonabee River

8.8 km

The overpass over 7/115 is smoothly paved with shoulders and quiet during weekends and non-rush-hour periods.

13.2 km

Restaurant & Bakery. Convenience store across Hwy. 7.

20.8 km

Monaghan Parkway can be busy, luckily 200 meters east of the intersection of Monaghan and 7 you can access traffic-free Whittington Dr. to the south.

22.6 km

Yes, that IS a big hill ahead. Last one though, and the view is very nice.