Chemong Lake viewed from PIne Hill Rd.

PTBO-Oshawa/Bowmanville June 2017

Mostly all good, but the gravel alternate routes currently suck.

Having a thing to attend in Hamilton this past weekend, we packed light (for us, still 2 panniers each), rode down to the Oshawa GO Station and took a train to the other end of the line. It was a good opportunity to check the state of the route to the west and note anything new.

Bottom line as things currently stand: It’s all pretty good, exept the alternative dirt routes. After 5 years of being a pleasure to ride, they’re really, really terrible. Hen’s egg sized aggregate mixed into 2-3" of deep soft Ganaraska Forest Sand. If you’re a fan of events like Paul’s Dirty Enduro or a regular reader of The Radavist then you may get a kick out of riding the roads right now. Otherwise keep to the paved route until further notice. County 20 is still unpleasant to ride, with only a foot or so of pavement outside of the white lines and big trucks. There needs to be a way to avoid it without adding 30k to the route. I’m a keep looking.

We took advantage of the recent Airport Road reconnection that isn’t officially open, but is rideable, to bypass Millbrook, leaving Pontypool as the midpoint supply stop and Pontypool delivered. The local grocery store had pizza in the oven, but it was 10 minutes from done so we opted for fresh apple turnovers. They were good!

Tyrone Mills was a crazy happening place on Saturday afternoon, but we had to buzz past it without stopping to stay on schedule.