Chemong Lake viewed from PIne Hill Rd.

Spring 2016 Dirt

It’s spring and the various counties have re-gravelled various dirt roads.

This year, they’re apparently operating at random rather than employing last year’s Scorched Earth policy, so while some roads have gone quietly into that dark night, others have survived.

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Peterborough to Ottawa: Musings

A Tricky Challenge The Province’s short sighted decision to NOT pave full shoulders on Highway 7 has always been a huge detriment to cyclists all along its Ontario spanning route. I’m not saying that they should be added just for the benefit of cyclists, but there are established and tested engineering reasons why full shoulders have significant ... Continue Reading

The Condition of the Gravel

Now that fall has arrived, it seems like a good time to revisit the state of the dirt roads in the region.

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Riding (some of) the Western Leg

A lift down to Bowmanville today provided me with the chance not only to be able to pick up a new bottling spigot at The Brewer’s Pantry in time to bottle the Saison that’s been percolating away through this heat wave, but also to ride back along the western section of the route to check current conditions...

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