Chemong Lake viewed from PIne Hill Rd.

Stoney Lake Circle

A new world opens for Peterborough and the Kawarthas Cyclists

Currently, MTO is busy paving new full shoulders on Highway 28 from Lakefield to Bancroft and the sections of 118 east from Haliburton to the intersection of 118 and 28 where shoulders are missing are being filled in.

To date, they’ve completed the job up to Apsley with a .5 km section missing in Haultain for some strange reason, even though the existing pavement has been scraped for repaving.

Boom. Just like that, the north side of the big Kawartha Lakes is open to cyclists without long detours and touring cyclist have a great new cottage country loop open up. Not only that, we’ll now have bike access to Kawartha Highlands and Silent Lake Provincial Parks not to mention Algonquin.

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Ganaraska Underbiking

In which our protagonist’s eyes are bigger than his tires

Abandoned by my spouse for the day (apparently my charms pale in comparison to a canoe, any canoe), I figured I’d check out Morton and Dranoel for a bit of climbing and to see how the dirt and gravel surfaces are holding up.

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Going to See the Wind Gennys : Ride Report

84km of lovely hills, gravel and country roads

This ride was Instagrammed back in late spring 2017 when it was first ridden, but I thought I’d document it properly for anyone looking for inspiration for a really, really nice mixed surface ride with a bucketload of climbing as well.

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PTBO-Oshawa/Bowmanville June 2017

Mostly all good, but the gravel alternate routes currently suck.

Having a thing to attend in Hamilton this past weekend, we packed light (for us, still 2 panniers each), rode down to the Oshawa GO Station and took a train to the other end of the line. It was a good opportunity to check the state of the route to the west and note anything new.

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