North Shore of Rice Lake as seen from hannah rd.

Version Date: March 2021

Cobourg to Peterborough

55 km of hills and scenery.

Looking for a challenging direct route north from Lake Ontario. This route takes you through some of Northumberland’s lumpier terrain.

Hilly and almost completely paved. One short section of dirt just over 1 km in length on Scriven Rd. north of Bewdley. Unlike McCamus 1/4 Line on the Port Hope Route, drivers are usually courteous on Scriven.

Bewedly is always worth a stop. Services available include 2 restaurants, pizza place, grocery/general store and public restrooms at the municipal waterfront park you’ll be riding right past.

An Alternative routing: March 29 2021.

With gravel becoming ever more of a thing, I’d like to offer an alternate routing to anyone who wants a bit more dirt.

  • Ride the entirety of Scriven between Hannah in the south and and 4th line in the north and access 4th Line from the west via Wallace Point Rd..
  • Scriven and 4th are dirt, but usually in excellent shape, “Cadillac Gravel” as it’s sometimes called on the internets. Wallace Point Rd. is a very popular cycling route and has excellent pavement. This will bring you into the south end of town via the top end of Bensfort Rd and South River Rd.. From there you can join up to the original route via the new paved multi-use trail on the south side of Lansdown between River and Ashburnham.

DRiven in its entirety: March 29 2021.

The route is generally in excellent shape this year, probably the best shape I’ve ever seen it in. The shoulder on 28 as you head north from Bewdley has had a rough few years and the asphalt is chunked up in a few places. It will be annoying, but not usafe.