Going Down...

The Trent Hills Triangle : 60 km

Relentlessly climby, one short punch after another, leavened with long pastoral views, beautiful gravel and village cafes.

This 60k loop is almost as relentlessly climby as the one out by Millbrook but the hills are more consistently spaced and the pavement and gravel were excellent. Especially the gravel, smooth hardpacked dirt, just moist enough to not be dusty. It doesn’t get much better.

NOTE: County Rd. 45 can be especially busy on the weekends with lots of vehicles pulling boats, not really recommended unless you have to cut the ride short, are in a big enough group to make drivers pay attention or are very traffic comfortable.

NOTE: County Rd. 25 on the other hand has full shoulders from Hastings south to Concession Rd. 8 W.


  • Riding clockwise, Warkworth comes up far too quickly to be a serious candidate for a stop for us. There’s a cafe, bakery, coffee shop and ice cream scooping market all in the small downtown. Only the coffee shop was open when we passed through.
  • Riding the route widdershins would put Warkworth in a much better spot for a late ride break, but with some sustained climbing afterwards that will punish cold legs.
  • Unfortunately, Roseneath is pretty devoid of places to stop these days, the crossroads used to be home to a nice little tea room that’s been shuttered for the last 3-4 years. If need exists, there are a few convenience stores and gas stations along County 45 just to the southwest.



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