Rice Lake seen from the south shore hills

Riding Around Rice Lake : 118-140 km

You'd be surprised at the number of ways there are to ride around Rice Lake. All of them are worth doing.

It’s really a matter of what kind of riding experience you’re looking for on any particular day.

The routes all share a few common elements. Scriven Rd., the northbound shoulder of Hwy 28 between Bewdly and Byers Rd. (there is no southbound shoulder), Bewdly, Rice Lake Scenic Drive and Hastings.

Between these points, in routes ranging from 118-140km there’s lots of variety.



I’ve included the “I want to ride my road bike on paved roads” route as a starting point. The Ride with GPS route goes clockwise, but I’d recommend riding it counterclockwise for the following reason:

Like any ride in the region you can’t completely escape dirt.

Scriven Rd. is required riding if you want to stay on the east side of Hwy. 28 (yes, there are possible routes that run to the west of 28 too.) and it’s 1 km and a bit of gravel and fairly steepish. If you ride counterclockwise you’ll be descending on that gravel rather than climbing it.

Sometimes you want dirt though, and we’ve also come up Scriven and continued right up to where it ends at 4th, adding lots more hilly gravel to the ride.

We’ve also had days where we ride a good portion west of Hastings on the Trans-Canada-Trail. In fact, I’d recommend hopping on the Trail, even on skinny tires, and riding it out to Villiers Line, then north on Villiers up to Division and in. Just in case 45 up to Norwood is busy or if you want to give your legs a break from the serious climbing you had to do east of Roseneath.



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