Little Lake near Del Crary Park, downtown Peterborough

Here are a few short rides designed for cyclists of all ability levels to get you started.

These rides are designed for the novice/casual cyclist.

While You’re Here ...

You could make a few days of it, do a few short rides and check out the cultural and food scene in town. Maybe tie your visit in with a Peterborough Music Fest Concert (we’ve had some seriously good talent just in the few years I’ve been here).


PTBO Short Routes Map 2.0

Here’s the 2018 version of the City of Peterborough’s Official Short Routes Map, incorporating these city routes and more useful info.

Printed copies can be found at local bicycle shops, the Tourism and Welcome Centre and anywhere tourism information is usually found.

A PDF version is STILL not currently officially available, but clicking on the image of the map will nab you a copy. (17 MB download)

NOTE: All of these routes and more can be found in the Peterborough Short Routes map above

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  • Travelling the Trails
    16.7 km
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    See Jackson Creek Park, the Zoo, Trent, and the trails on both sides of the river

    Come explore Peterborough’s in-city trail system. Along the way discover an urban zoo, a progressive university straddling a scenic river, a trail that runs across the country that also runs right through downtown and more places to stop for refreshment than you can shake a stick at.

  • The Wallace Point Rd. Loop
    26.2 km
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    Wallace Point Rd. and the gently rolling hills south of town.

    Looking for a quick taste of Peterborough's ridiculously accessible countryside? Throw in some lovely views and a taste of quiet country roads with perhaps a swim on the way home? This is your ride.

  • The Tour du Tarts
    23 km
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    Bakery to bakery, Millbrook to Baileboro and back.

    A ride for confident hill climbers, as the grades and length of the hills will test your stamina. Some great views of the northern side of the Oak Ridges Moraine are a small reward for your efforts. There’s plenty of fuel at either end of the ride. Both the Pastry Peddler in Millbrook and DooDoos in Baileboro offer drinks and pastries. DooDoos regularly wins awards for their butter tarts at every competition level and the Pastry Peddler is the fabulously bike friendly hub of tiny but bustling Millbrook.

  • Keene about BBQ
    41.5 km
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    Out to Keene via Crowley/Baseline back on the Trans Canada Trail

    Real, smoked BBQ. Makes you want to hop on your bike and burn enough calories to earn a big heaping plateful (and perhaps a cold beer to go with it). This longer ride features the beautiful, quiet roads south of the city, the hamlet of Keene and of course, Muddy's Pit BBQ. On the way home, you'll sample a section of the Lang-Hastings Rail Trail, part of the Trans Canada trail.

  • The Dirty Concessions
    25.7 km
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    Guthrie, MacNamara and the dirt down to Baseline and the gently rolling hills south of town

    When cyclists think of Peterborough their first thoughts are of hills. The remants of prehistoric glaciers make the region a hill climbers delight. Less well know however are the miles of beautiful, smooth, hard packed dirt roads that criss-cross the region. This is a very small taste that won’t take you too far out of town, mixed in with a sampling of quiet gently rolling country roads.

  • The Cottage Country Cruise
    28 km
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    A round-trip visit to the heart of Kawartha cottage country from Warsaw.

    Warsaw is also a great place for a short but lovely canoe or kayak up the river to Warsaw caves, put in north of the intersection of 38 and 4, next to the church. With the exception of the short section on #6, traffic is very light and McCrackens Landing on Stoney Lake is a delightful surprise and a great spot to stop for lunch, a snack, or ice cream. Warsaw now features its own butter tart destination, The Kawartha Buttertart Factory.

  • Otonabee River Cruise
    34 km
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    A Classic. PTBO to Lakefield and back

    This ride is Peterborough classic. Ask anyone in town, cyclist or not, about local routes and you’ll likely get this ride as the first suggestion. Lakefield is chock full of places when you can shop, eat, or simply sit and enjoy the river.

  • A Taste Of Drumlins
    35 km
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    A short ride out past Fleming College to the southwest to the start of the western drumlin field.

    When you’re ready to get a taste of what the region is really know for, its outstanding hills, here’s a route the locals know out to the east to avoid traffic and get your heart rate up.