Oh, those fall colours!

Chandos Lake Loop : 50 km

Apsley to Apsley around Chandos Lake

There are lots of great roads north of the Kawartha Lakes, they’ve just never been accessible to cyclists who aren’t prepared to risk their lives to get to them (more so than usual that is, we are cyclists after all...).

This ride was thrown together at the last minute to take advantage of a crazy warm post-thanksgiving October day. With the new shoulders on Highway 28, we plan on riding north much more often, so this was a good opportunity to scout out the lay of the land.

Also, it didn’t exactly take much planning. Start in Apsley, ride clockwise around Chandos Lake, finish in Apsley. Done.



  • Parked at the North Kawartha Community Centre, a huge new facility on the edge of the village, it was open mid-week and the bathrooms were accessible. Then we rode right through the tiny but suprisingly complete downtown to begin the ride. Apsley is a real place, not 4 houses at a crossroads.
  • To skip a boring section of 620 as it leaves town, we went off on to Old Apsley road which would have been a lovely dirt detour but the county had just come by that morning and dumped sand, graded it and left it for the cars to pack down.

    Vehicles had done their thing up to Max Wilson Rd., but north of that it was deep new sand, too much for slicks with all the short steep little bumps, so we bailed down Max Wilson back to 620.
  • Detoured up Clydesdale Rd to see the intersection of Clydesdale and Jeff Road. Jeff is paved out to 28, Clydesdale is dirt heading east off to Coe Hill.
  • Chandos Beach. We’d never heard of it before but it’s a pretty nice beach. Completely unexpected.
  • Just after the beach we detoured up Lakeview Crescent to check out Lakeview Marina. Another surprise. There are 4 @ 2-bedroom cottages for rent there and a small variety store that’s open 9-5 everyday during the summer.
  • Cut the corner between 620 and 504 at Glen Alda by heading up Glen Alda Rd.. Beautiful dirt, beautiful views.
  • 504 is simply a great road. 2 lanes, twisty with just enough climbing and descending to keep things interesting and quiet! Until we hit the intersection with 46 down to Havelock, just 3 cars passed us in our direction, maybe a half a dozen in the other. After 46 traffic picked up, but was still very light.
  • Had we finished the ride later, we’d probably have gone to the Swiss Bear Schitzel House just outside of town for dinner. But alas, no schitzel for me.



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