The really big climb on Sharpe Line

Bethany - Solanum Way Hill Training : 72 km

A paved loop with some serious evelvation gains, but with views to make it all worth the effort.

It may have been mentioned a few times here that this is a hilly part of the province (like about 200?) but this ride is one that locals go on when they really want to do some hills.


  • Getting out of town to the west can be a bit tricky, but heading up past the Hospital is the most hassle-free way to go and worth the detour. For extra climbing credit head south down Wallis Dr. immediately after the hospital and then straight out Sherbrook St..
  • Just a little over 1 km of dirt on Preston Rd. down to Maple Grove. Keep and eye open for the large snapping turtles who regularly wander out of the swamp to sun themselves.
  • One could also go out Hooton Dr. at this point to Howden 1/4 Line and down to Stewart. You could even head all the way out Hooton to County 10 through the Cavan Marsh, but that turns this into a gravel ride.
  • Stewart is a lovely bunch of rollers.
  • Past 10 on Stewart you have a choice: I ride down Winslow 1/4 Line to Sharpe for a tremendous climb up to Dranoel, but Winslow is dirt. Staying on Stewart gets you the same elvevation gain, but in a 4-stage climb, all paved.
  • Whichever way you get to the top of Dranoel, congratulate yourself, you’ve just ridden up to the top of the highest run at Devil’s Elbow Ski Centre.
  • Big decent down Dranoel, a 2-parter.
  • There are sand dunes on your left as you leave Bethany on Glengary Rd. The soil is very sandy in this part of the province, often deeply sandy, but this is ridiculous.
  • Be careful at the bottom of the descent on Solanum Way, there’s a nasty railway crossing right at the bottom, you’ll want to be down to a walking pace, even with fat tires.

Like most other rides in the area, there a so many variation that would turn this into a completely different ride that I couldn’t possibly document them all. More pavement, kms of gravel or a mixture of both and some Ganaraska Forest Trails and access roads.



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