Avenue of Lilacs. Centre Line south of Norwood

Asphodel-Norwood Loop : 80 km

Ride to Norwood. Ride home. Detour for meat?

The first time we did this route we got a really late start, well after lunch and ended up hitting Lang Pioneer Village around 5 pm. So we said ‘To hell with cooking!” detoured down to Keene and had an early dinner at Muddy’s Pit BBQ.

Then we wobbled home filled with meat and beer.


Not much to say about this ride. The first half is a great paved cruise, the second is relentlessly hilly dirt.

Do it!

Centre, Sand and the roads south of Norwood are generally in super condition, except for the spring and late summer re-grading season. There is no schedule, rhyme or reason behind the road work, it’s literally a crap shoot.

things to see

1. Norwood, if you need a pit stop at 30k. A few cafes and ice cream joints.

2. I always detour north to Sand Rd. to check if it’s in good shape, it just feels like riding somewhere in the Appalachians.

3. Hope Mill is an historic working sawmill and a small conservation area. Great place for a swim in the Indian River.

4. The mill at Lang Pioneer Village is plenty impressive as well. Lang is a family name, but I always think of it as an adjective. “Yep. The Pioneer Village is looking pretty darned Lang today.”. I worry that this indicates I’ve hit the dad-joke phase of life.



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