Ho hum, another beautiful Canada Shield lake...

Apsley, Coe Hill & The Gut : 61 km +

Much dirt, much climbing. Canadian Shield scenery.

After our first highly enjoyable ride in the Apsley area, I started looking for other routes in the area and this one just jumped off the map.



  • Park at the fabulous North Kawartha Arena as always.
  • The dirt starts as you hit Old Apsley Rd. 3k into the ride and except for a few short segments doesn’t let up again until you hit the intersection of 46 and 504 around km 49.
  • If you’d like a pit-stop at Coe Hill, Rose Island Rd. will get you there. Ride Hwy 620 back out. It’s never been particularly busy in our experience.
  • The hills on The South Road down to The Gut are relentless.
  • We still haven’t actually visited The Gut, just bad timing all the time. The parking lot is about 1 km in from the road and the gorge is supposed to be just a short walk from there.
  • Do this route clockwise and you’re treated to a ~1.6 km dirt descent down to the 46/504 intersection.



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