Parkway Trail

Travelling the Trails : 16.7 km

See Jackson Creek Park, the Zoo, Trent, and the trails on both sides of the river


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Route Highlights

0.0 km

Silver Bean and Millenium Park

1.0 km

Peterborough Hort Society: Fleming Park Project

1.1k m

Access to Trans Canada Trail at Northwest corner of Bethune and Brock

2.2 km

Entrance to Jackson Creek Park

2.5 km

100 meter detour to right at trail split to visit the Pagoda Bridge

2.9 km

Trail goes up grassy hill. You may prefer to walk this short section

3.1 km

Parkway Trail access at northeast corner of Fairbairn St and Highland Rd

7.6 km

Riverview Park and Zoo. Animals, restrooms, picnicing, food concession. Miniature railway ride at south end of park. There used to be bunnies too, but they’re gone now.  :^(

8.4 km

Frisbee Golf park

9.1 km

Trent University. Bicycle friendly campus if you're up for a self-guided tour. Champlain College which sits on the west bank and slightly in the river is, in my opinion, a small architectural gem.

9.2 km

Good burgers and fries at The Cabin

9.2 km

Access to Rotary Greenway Trail at southwest corner of Armour and Nassau Mills Rd.

13.7 km

Nichols Oval Park. Site of the Peterborough Folkfest, Public Energy dance performances etc…

14.9 km

Ashburnham Ale House and lots of other food choices

16.2 km

Trans-Canada Trail Pedestrian bridge