Rice Lake in the fall.

Follow the Indian River : 60KM

Follow the Indian River on lovely dirt, then challenge yourself to the walls on Settlers Rd. down to a scenic stop on Rice Lake. Check out multiple historical mills on the return voyage.

This is a mashup of rides that locals will all recognize, smashed together to provide something for everyone. History, scenery, challenging climbs and the Trans-Canada-Trail as a bailout for anyone who has found their limits.



  • I like to head south from Division on Settlers Line, riding right next to the river, but Jermyn Line just to the west works as well.
  • Either way, you’ll have to ride 3-400 meters on the shoulder of Hwy 7 which can be a deeper sand/gravel mix. Road bike width tires not recommended.
  • There’s a swimming spot on the river on David Fife Line.
  • Special secret bonus (if you can find it) is the tiny riverside dock on River Rd. It’s private, but a small sign welcomes the public to step down and enjoy the view.
  • Hills!
  • Hills!
  • Lake!
  • Hills and Lake!
  • Short section on County 2 which can be busier,
  • Now it's time for History. First the mill at Lang Pioneer Village, then the Hope Mill sawmill, which is still in operation. Hope Mill’s a great place for a stop.
  • Now you’re on every gravel fondo’s return route back into town



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