Cruising down the Otonabee River from Lakefield ON

Because bicycle tourism doesn’t stop at the Oaks Ridges Moraine.

Bike To The Borough provides unofficial routes from the venerable Waterfront Trail and the new Greenbelt Trail up to the city of Peterborough and back again. This part of Ontario is an excellent, but little known, region of the province for cycling.

Discover the challenging, rewarding, scenic hills of the Durham region, the gentle grades of the Otonabee River basin and the drumlins to the northeast and east of Rice Lake. (Or not if you don’t care for hills, the eastern section of the route can be ridden almost entirely on the Trans-Canada Trail and its gentle, fine-screened, limestone covered grades).

Peterborough County, Durham Region and the Northumberland Hills south of Rice Lake, provide for some of the most challenging and rewarding cycling to be found in the province of Ontario.

But don’t be afraid of the hills. Properly geared cyclists can easily tackle any climb in the region, even with a full touring load, and the Trans Canada Trail runs from one end of the county to the other for people looking for gentle grades and a car free experience.

What's New? 12/28/17

> New longer ride Omemee- Hayes Rd. Loop on Longer Rides page.

> Put the Longer Rides now called "Longer Rides" page on the top level of the menu. These are the rides we're likely to be doing regularly, or take visiting friends on. The city rides were always meant to be secondary info as an online supplement to the Peterboroutes map (although we will happily do any of them if time is tight).